Yas selects R&D fields to focus on new growth engine project.
Technical development is performed according to predevelopment of necessary core technical element,
validation in unit system, and mass production equipment’s
examination and compensation on problems in order.

Yas creatively manufactures excellent mass production equipment having excellent duration
and the best performed compared with price and also, it finally aims to promote
business by giving profit to customer.
Yas has registered core technology patents of about 40 domestically and overseas.
Among them, 52% are source related patents and remaining 48% is related to system. Like this,
we have focused on technical development related to large-scaled thin film from element technology to equipment
ASIA Display 2008,
  The development of the highly efficient Circular Nozzle Source by using a study on the flux distributions of nozzle
type thermal evaporation sources
ASIA Display 2009,
  Organic deposition methods for Half 4th generation AM-OLED by using the Circular Nozzle Source
SID 2009
  Development of uniform 14.1 inch Full Color AMOLED Display by using highly efficient Circular Nozzle Source.
Information Display, Volume 10, No.2, 2009,
  High-Efficiency Circular Nozzle Source Development
Yas first proposed in-line type system for mass production on 2002 in the world and now, it is manufacturing horizontal in-line system for mass production validation in the 5th generation level.
Grand prix in The 8th International Information Display Show (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
Promising small and medium-sized company (Gyeongido province)
Source : Addon(France), Veeco(USA)
System : Tokki(Japan), Applied films(Germany), Sunic System(Korea), SNU (Korea)
LG Display, Neoview Kolon, SMD (Korea)
Tokki(Japan), AUO(Taiwan), Chimei(Taiwan), BOE(China)
Metal Manufacturers : Sinsung Precision, Hyundai Precision
Crucible Manufacturers : Daehan Carbon, Morgan Crucible, Cerakor, BOYU
Insulator Manufacturers: Jinsung CIT, Daehan Carbon
Material Suppliers : Tasco(Taewon Science Co.), TNZ Metal
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