OLED Mass Production System

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OLED can perform self-emission, optical viewing angle, and low power operation, which have received attention as the next generation display. But as its demerit, price is higher than existing display. Because of the fact, trial to raise its price competitive power by manufacturing it through large-scaled substrate but by current technical problem, max. substrate size used for OLED manufacturing is still remained in the 3.5th generation (730x460mm). Since foundation, we developed core technology for OLED mass production as core patents.

Existing OLED mass production facilities use cluster type facilities that use vacuum robot used mainly for semiconductor industry. But as for OLED mass production facilities of the 4th generation and higher, existing cluster method has difficulty on transferring large-scaled glass substrate and also, because backbone chamber is larger, management problems occur. Also, because of long tack time, it is recognized as facilities not having mass production capabilities. Therefore, OLED mass production in the 4th generation and higher should be linear type suitable for short transferring distance and continuous production. We first proposed OLED linear system in the world and also, we lead mass production standard of horizontal linear equipment through pre-development of excellent element technologies requested for mass production.
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Currently used OLED production methods can be largely divided by scan method and stop method. As for scan method, in order to gain organic thin film through method used for general OLED equipment company, substrate or vaporizing source is moved and as for stop method, under the condition that both of substrate and vaporizing source are stopped, organic thin film is formed. We developed vaporizing source usable for both of scan method and stop method, which is the technology applicable for mass production facilities of any types. Stop method was developed by our unique idea in order to generally improve particle generation, noise generation, problem of thin film’s evenness, low material using efficiency, etc., which are demerits of scan method and also, it is already verified technology through mass production.
OLED Mass Production System
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