It is the equipment to control and monitor evaporation source’s temperature and deposition speed at the same time.
8.4″ TFT-Color LCD,
Provide intuitive and convenient GUI
Equipped with built-in auto-tuning function that can be conveniently operated by using touch function
By basically having built-in Ethernet communication function, able to interconnect with PLC and PC
Able to be applied for various fields
PID control on evaporation source’s temperature and deposition speed for OLED and CIGS solar cell
Control MBE, E-Beam system’s thin film’s thickness
Operating System Microsoft Embedded XP
Dimension (W×D×H) 432 × 430 × 190
Power AC 220V 50/60Hz
TC/IP Port 1 Port
Number Of Sensor 4
Sensor Frequency Range 5.0 ~ 6.0 MHz
Thermocouple Input 4
Temp. Control Yes
Rate Resolution 0.0005 Å/s
Auto Tuning Yes
# of Max. Channel 4
Rate Control Yes
Control Method PID
Analog Out Standard  (0-10V)
Communication LAN(TCP/IP)
Display 8.4” Color LCD
XTR-3000 exerts excellent performance in controlling Dopant and also, it can usefully control rate through auto tuning. Also, although temperature is the same, in amoled application that rate is changed according to the amount of material. Co-deposition should be performed.
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