GluonTM Chuck that YAS achieved domestic and overseas patent uses VAN DER WAALS Force, which is designed to horizontally maintain substrate in large-scaled substrate of the 4th generation and higher.
This product is essential product in horizontal large-scaled mass production deposition equipment, which can be applied from the 4th generation up to the 8th generation.
By using this Chuck, currently, YAS is developing horizontal deposition equipment for mass production validation of the 5.5th generation level
There is not substrate sagging phenomenon under the horizontal condition of the 4th generation and higher
There is not any contact on deposition surface during aligning
Improve align accuracy and reduce aligning time
There is not any limitation on substrate size and mask design
Transferring substrate and flipping process are easy
It can accurately and quickly perform alignment without substrate’s sagging under the horizontal substrate condition.
In the case of using YAS CNS evaporation source, because there is not dead area by shadow, you can more efficiently used substrate
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