YAS first developed linear system in the world, proposed the linear system to OLED industry, and has experience to apply commercialized product to OLED production as well. Also, in order to manufacture mass production equipment of the 5th generation and higher, it has consistently developed element technologies and now, it registers its core technology patents and develops horizontal in-line system for the 5.5 generation level mass production validation, which can be applied for 30” level OLED TV and OLED lighting.
Horizontal in-line system proposed by YAS has excellent mass productivity and we are very proud of it as the equipment to lead OLED industry’s reconstruction. YAS In-Line System adopts essential elements having competitive power such s various Source, Source Controller, Gluon Chuck, PMM Mask Chuck, Rail & Shuttle & Align, etc. which are essential elements that YAS’s engineers have devoted themselves to developing.
YAS In-Line System is customized system to separately configure and provide system according to your usages.
System for manufacturing small-sized product for mobile provides equipment applying original type source and also, equipment for manufacturing medium and large-sized products such as TV or Notebook provides equipment applying linear type source.
YAS’ In-Line -System with its core technology is designed for mass production.
It will give the best solution for
Mask shadow problem, Particle generation problem with relation to substrate Rotation, In-homogeneity problem of EML,
Poor material usage problem, Tack time problem, Mask line shift problem, Glass sagging problem,
and High resolution align problem.
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