Evaporation source is the equipment to evaporate materials to manufacture thin film in furnace by heating it. Kinds of evaporation sources used for manufacturing organic thin film in vacuum are organic evaporation source used in emitting layer, inorganic evaporation source used for transferring layer of electron or electron-hole, and metal evaporation source used to form electrolyte. These products are used for OLED display and OLED lighting. Organic and metal evaporation source are extended for CIGS solar cell because of their excellent performance.
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CNS : Circular Nozzle Source, SCNS : Super CNS
LNS : Linear Nozzle Source, HELNS : High Efficiency LNS, CLNS : Compact LNS DNS : Dual LNS
YAS’s evaporation source is the product developed for mass production, in which its characteristics are high efficiency, excellent doping evenness and YAS solely provides stationary solution in the world.
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