It uses linear and long nozzle, which is similar with linear evaporation source. But because nozzle’s structure maintains a fixed angle, by having it ejecting both sides, this evaporation source can deposit even thin film under the fixed condition.
Under the condition that substrate and evaporation source are fixed, it can be used for substrate for the 4th generation (73x92 cm) and higher.
By improving doping evenness and mask shadow phenomenon, able to ensure the highest quality
Minimize particle generation by transferring substrate and align miss as well
Fast mass production performance (Fast Tack Tim) and high material using efficiency (~40%)
  2nd Gen. DNS 370 × 470 4th Gen. DNS 730 × 920 /  730 × 460
Dimension  (L x H x W) 700 × 125 × 60 1250 × 125 × 60
Capacity 500 cc 1000 cc
Powe 20VDC  10A 30VDC  20A
Deposition Rate ~ 5 Å/sUser MUST Specify deposition rate at Time of Order
Uniformity Less than ± 5 %
Maximum operating Temp. 600 ℃
Thermocouple Double wire K - type
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