Like existing linear source, it is the method to scan substrate or evaporation source but by using rectangle nozzle part, it is the evaporation source of new concept to improve long linear source’s demerit.
30% compared to existing linear source length
Material using efficiency: 30%~40%, thin film evenness is below 3 % 
Because of long TS and small nozzle, heat transfer to mask is small
Shadow’s influence is small
  3.5th  Gen. CNS 730 × 460
Dimension (L * W * H) 85 x 213 x 230
Capacity 900 cc
Powe 36VDC  11A
Deposition Rate Up to 5 Å/s
Uniformity Less than ± 3%, Substrate or Source Scan
Maximum operating Temp. 600 ℃
Thermocouple Double wire K - type
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